Laura Enever Kirra Ports

On any surf trip you’re bound to have a few down days; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These non-surf days are key for getting the portrait and lifestyle shots that we need out of the way. This year on the Gold Coast we had a few more flat days than one would have liked, but the bright side was having whole afternoon to grab the likes of Laura Enever and shoot away. Shooting with Laura on any given day is an experience. Her happy go lucky personality, and tendency to say just about anything that comes to mind, is a recipe for hilarity during shoots: this day was no different. From the gawkers on the boardwalk to an old drunk Aussie trying to get in on the action it was non stop entertainment.

Finally, the little legend himself, my son Loyal decided he was done being a silent onlooker and took it upon himself to jump in for a few shots. Needless to say we weren’t stressing on the lack of waves by the end of this shoot.

Dane Did It First

You may be noticing an increased number of alternate surf crafts in the water these days: especially the mini simmons. These retro hulls make any wave fun, to be honest they have become my go to board. From Creek to Mex to Indo, the mini is comin. Don’t think the resurrection of these boards is anything new though, while digging through the archives I came across this three year old shot of Dane and his mini-inspired Channel Islands on the Gold Coast. It really comes as no surprise that some one like Dane would be keen early on to how good these little guys are.

Hong Kong

Untitled from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.

Lately it seems as though surfing has become a mere vehicle, a way for me to experience and photograph places along the way that I would never have the opportunity to travel to. While a wave may always be the destination, the journey there often becomes the greatest reward. On a recent jaunt to Indonesia we were faced with a 24 hour layover in Hong Kong; we grabbed our cameras and wandered the streets with no real purpose but to see what we could find.

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Water World

This image was taken on a recent trip to Indonesia. The waves got small for a few days and we had to find some ways to get creative, the crystal clear water and shallow reefs make for some unique photos of the world below. We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful custom wood board, shaped by our friend Kevin Cunningham, on board: really setting this photo apart. For more on Kevin’s board check out his company at

Indonesia is an amazing place, but being that it is on the entire opposite side of the world, it makes for quite the trek getting there. This trip we had a day to kill in Hong Kong while waiting for our connecting flight. Wandering the city was an eye opening experience to say the least, look for some pretty neat video and imagery from our wanderings coming shortly.