From the Archives

We have been going through a sort of office re-vamp lately: reorganizing old drives, moving stuff to new drives, and just generally digging through the archives. While tedious, the process has been great that it has brought to the surface some old gems that somehow slipped through the cracks before. This photo is from one of the very first Nike 6.0 trips to Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. It is truly one of the most scenic and beautiful place on earth. We had been shooting waters for a few hours and this was one of the last frames I popped off as the sun began to set behind the rock.

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Dear Tahiti

Why are you playing with our emotions? Last year you gave us huge, ugly, gray, heart-in-the-throat, death defying waves: too big to compete, too big for anyone but the clinically insane. This year, two days of small, weird, borderline mundane surf; and now, flat. Clear, blue, not a breath of wind, paradise, but flat. We’re not asking for last year. We do not need death-defying: just heart pounding. Just something to give those of us watching with bated breath from our office chairs something to cheer for, something to get us excited. Tahiti- this is our plea, there is still time in the waiting period, we have been waiting anxiously for a year now, please respond urgently.

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Serenity from Above

The US Open of surfing is best described as sheer chaos. The beaches, and town of Huntington Beach become so overrun with people that it simply making it from the waters edge back to the hotel becomes a test of skill and patience. This year, however, I was able to escape the madness for a bit and enjoy the view from high above. The people at Airship Ventures let me go up in their Zeppelin (NOT A BLIMP) and get some pretty unique images. It was a great experience and an even better way to enjoy the Open without being stuck among the zoo. Head over to SURFER MAGAZINE to check out more photos from the shoot.