The Year of the Spartan

Sure Kelly may have won the Quiksilver Pro yesterday, but ask anyone who was watching the comp and they’ll tell ya, it was Michel Bourez standing out heat after heat. With a combination of pure, raw, strength and technical rail work, Michel was able to constituently drop high scores through a contest that saw more varied conditions than his home country of Tahiti has on its coast. His heat with Alejo was hands down the most entertaining heat of the comp, with both guys absolutely blowing up. It’s good to see Michel back in top form after last season left him with less than desirable results. After Snapper it’s clear that every guy on tour is going to be fearing the Spartan because tricks may be for kids, but Michel knows its pure power that wins titles.

Dusty Payne in OZ

This image of Dusty was taken at DBah beach a couple years back. It was a super windy day that resembled the conditions that Maui surfers are so accustomed to. Not many people were out but Dusty went out and put on a clinic. Yes he pulled this. I am really looking forward to what a healthy Dusty does on tour this year. He is a legitimate threat in all conditions and thrives when it gets heavy.