Sarah Kenworthy Designs

Sarah Kenworthy has spent her entire life enveloped in the construction world. At the early age of 5 she was going to work with her dad, learning how to put up walls, lay flooring, tile counters and backsplashes: an education in tools and trade that became second nature. Those early days inspired a love for building and design. Sarah spent 6 years studying design and architecture at California State University Long Beach, learning various styles of design and honing her skills not only in construction but in customizing and re-surfacing furniture as well.

Since college Sarah’s ability have led her to design homes and spaces for actors, professional surfers, photographers, and CEO’s. When asked to best describe her work Sarah replies “I love mixing all different styles, finding what a client loves and taking their ideas further.”

Video :: Carissa Moore - House Makeover

Sarah Kenworthy: